First Snow Storm in Atlanta 2017

I awakened this morning around 6 am eastern standard time, after the first snow storm of 2017, I got out of bed and headed straight for the nearest window. Last night we lost power due to a winter storm (is it winter yet?). This storm was unanticipated…I say that because […]

Snow in my backyard in Atlanta

My Special Thanksgiving

  Reflecting on Thanksgiving 2017 Said in the words and tone of Gloria in the movie Waiting to Exhale “I cooked, you know I cooked.” After a time of not cooking (well, not cooking family dinners… since I mostly live on grilled salmon and salad),

Looking Behind to Move Forward

    Each year, I take a look back to see if I reached the goals that I set for that year. I’m sure you probably do the same thing. 2016 is almost over and I’m doing the same thing again this year, looking in the rear view mirror to […]

Happy Memorial Day 2016

Someone lost a father, a brother, an uncle, a cousin, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a friend…freedom isn’t free. We honor and thank you for giving the ultimate sacrifice.  Thank you for placing yourself in harms way, we have not forgotten.

OK, it’s 2016 so what are you going to do differently?

  2015 was a strange year for me  I had some triumphs and some tragedies but through it all, the one constant in my life, Jesus Christ and celebrating His birthday on Christmas was awesome. I got to December and my my laptop’s operating system crashed. In the middle of planning and […]