Teresita Glasgow Interview on WATC 57 Atlanta Live


Teresita Glasgow was a guest on WATC 57, Atlanta Live and was interviewed by former CNN anchor and awarding-winning journalist, Sharon Frame they discussed Teresita’s latest book Destiny Seven Steps to Finding & Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life, Second Edition. The interview topics covered purpose, destiny, focus, renewal of the mind, just to name a few of the topics covered. Anyone searching for destiny and purpose will find this an interesting and informative interview.
Teresita Glasgow is an author, inspirational speaker, radio talk show host, minister, mentor and savvy social media strategist. Her book Destiny Seven Steps to Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life has influenced people to pursue their God-given destiny. It is her drive and tenacious “never give up” attitude along with her grounded and unshakable faith that took her from a life of despair as a single parent on welfare to a Wall street career as a vice president, relationship manager and Certified Corporate Trust Specialist. Although her signature can be found on bond deals worth millions of dollars, it is her determination to see others accomplish their God given assignment that has become the driving force behind her writing, speaking and the leadership of In His Season, Inc. Teresita is the president and CEO of In His Season, Inc., a Christian Training and Development Company with an award winning monthly newsletter and a blog for contemporary Christian Thought, bible, business & Coffee with Teresita Glasgow.
For More information about the book: www.destinysecondedition.com
For more about Teresita: www.teresitaglasgow.com
For more about In His Season, Inc.: www.inhisseason.com

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