Rethinking My Mobile Preference

I am a die-hard Blackberry user! In this day and age when just about everyone who I know has an iPhone and is very vocal in declaring the awesome power of the device my admission feels awkward at best. Nonetheless, I have not given into the Apple craze.

My reluctance to change is a direct result of the success that I’ve had so far with the Blackberry but I have to admit that as I steadily move into more creative ventures where graphics, video, and Social Media take up 55% of my time, I may need to look more closely at the iPhone.

My relationship with the Blackberry began many years ago when I was a Corporate Trust Professional whenever I would attend a bond financing meeting or closing there were a room full of attorneys each one using this device which only they had. This was back when documents were transported by courier! Email was limited to “the chosen few” and the fax machine was high technology! There was one PC in a common area in our offices and we took turns using it to update our Lotus 123 spreadsheets. I think maybe that the awe of the heyday of the Blackberry may be still lingering in my mind. Is it time for a change?

My current mobile device is the Blackberry Torch; I like it because it has both the touch screen and the keypad. Since I text a lot the keypad comes in handy. There have been a few drawbacks like having to reboot it occasionally but for the most part my experience with the Torch has been good. It gives me the opportunity to use the touch screen on my phone similar to that on my iPod but when the time arrives to upgrade I need to feel that the apps available are keeping up with the level of my responsibilities and technology. Right now, I can search the web, interact with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and most of the apps available on the Torch are great! Will Blackberry remain competitive or should I at this point begin to give the iPhone a more serious consideration?


Question: Which do you use the iPhone or the Blackberry? Why?



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