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Writing a book is like birthing a baby and since I’ve done both, I know what I’m talking about! Just like a baby, a good book will grow in popularity overtime. I wrote my first book in 2003 and published it in 2005 (why the delay? It’s a long story). I published the second edition and audio book in 2013. Like every good parent, I’m proud of my baby “Destiny Seven Steps to Finding & Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life.” This is a time defying book.  Why? Because the book is based on timeless principals with corresponding biblical text, and accountability questions. But don’t take my word for it, after all, I’m the proud parent, oh, I mean author, the book is widely endorsed and recommended!

Teresita Glasgow

“Knowing your purpose is the critical factor to success. Teresita spells out exactly – in a simple but profound way – how to discover AND fulfill your purpose. The way she gives real life examples and biblical proof makes this book a keeper. You’ll want to read it again and again for inspiration if you get a little weary on the journey. Teresita’s book: “Destiny: Seven Steps to Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life,Second Edition” is a must read and one to keep on your nightstand for a quick pick up.” Better than Chocolate ~ Pam Perry
Check out the other endorsements: The Foreword, written by Dr. Willie Jolley Pastor Joel Gregory Pastor Belinda Thomas Pastor Dr. Rosalind Y. Tompkins Pastor Leroy Scott Pam Perry, Public Relations Professional Michael Mariner, Motivational Speaker Dr. Will Moreland, Motivational Speaker Shelita Williams, Author and Fitness Coach Raquel R. Robinson, Author and Life Coach Amos Johnson, Jr., Author and Business Coach Paul Wilson, Jr, Author and Speaker Lamarr Gulley, Professional Voice Actor

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