Three Ways to Give Yourself Permission to Succeed

There are times in life when we get stuck and don’t realize it. We can be the problem that is keeping us from our own success. Rather than moving forward, we’ve stopped; lost momentum and are just going through the motions. Everyone can have these moments, sometimes they’re caused by traumatic events or fatigue otherwise known as “burnout.” At these times we may need more than a new project to move us forward.



I will never forget the day that I woke up excited because I was going to see a speaker who I’d never heard before. I was excited for two reasons; one, the speaker was the wife of someone I’d met at a conference and later interviewed on my radio show and two, I wanted to see the other person in this dynamic duo in action. I wasn’t disappointed, the talk was informative at times funny and at times serious but what I remember most of all is that it was thought provoking. I left the event with one question in my mind. I tried to dismiss it as unimportant but it kept coming back. The attendees had been asked to describe themselves by saying out loud ten positive adjectives. It sounds simple but I was unable to do it.


Personal Accountability

Why couldn’t I do the exercise? At first I dismissed it as silly, frivolous, and unnecessary but because of my God given assignment to help others succeed; I realized deep on the inside that it was neither. The speaker had uncovered something in me that I needed to confront. I’d spent hours with others encouraging them and helping them to see beyond yesterday to uncover today and dream about tomorrow and I was unable to give ten positive adjectives about myself when asked.


Getting the Required Help

I knew that I had to take some time out for me. I’d been confronted and I needed to give an answer. My answer wouldn’t be immediate as some of the other attendees had been, I needed to take my time, think about it and write it down. The other thing I realized as I began the exercise was that I needed help. I picked up the phone and called my personal life coach at the time, Raquel R. Robinson. Raquel led me through a series of questions and as I answered the questions she said something to me that will impact my life forever! She said “why don’t you give yourself permission.” I heard myself in total surprise blurt out this question “I can do that?”


At that point I realized something about myself, I had given up my power and I needed to take it back! I had gone through some life changing events and they had impacted me in a way that I was unaware. Without the first question at the event and the coaching from Raquel, I may have stayed stuck but now I give myself permission to succeed.


The following three things can help you to give yourself permission to succeed in reaching your goals when you find yourself stuck or losing momentum.

Three “Must Do” Activities


1)    Continually expose yourself to people who challenge you to grow.

2)    Be honest with yourself and do the work to change handicapping beliefs.

3)    Get help from a coach, you can’t do this alone.


In a time when everyone seems to be an expert at something or another, we are all susceptible to the challenges of life and the varying changes which confront us on each level of our growth. While maintaining our focus is important, a healthy dose of humility can help us to keep perspective.


Question: What are some of the things you’ve done to move forward after a life challenge?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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