T.D. Jakes Invites You to CONQUER Atlanta Business Conference





I’m very excited about this conference because I believe that it will provide some of the hope and information that people need to move forward. The conference is being given by Kings & Priest, Unlimited a organization headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. The host, Robert Watkins is a power house of business information add to the list of speakers Dr. Dale C. Bronner, a  generational entrepreneur and part owner of a multi-million dollar family-owned business, Bronner Brother’s Manufacturing company and the excitement grows! This is not going to be a preach-a-thon but rather a strategy meeting for economic growth and development.

If you’ve ever said the words “I’d like to know more about starting a business or I’m tired of this job” maybe you should consider attending.

I’m looking forward to learning and gleaning all the information and relationships that I can at this meeting scheduled to be held in November on the 15th & 16th at the Georgia International Convention Center.


For more information: http://bit.ly/RxUAnX



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