How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Product or Service

In 2005 I published my first book, Destiny Seven Steps to Finding & Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life. What I didn’t know at the time was that knowing how to write a book and have it self-published was not enough. Not only did I need to know how to do these two things but I also needed to know how to market and promote my book. That’s what got me involved in social media.

I accidentally entered a whole new world, the world of social media. The norm seemed to be that as soon as you became familiar with how to do something, it changed. To stay on top of it you had to interact with it everyday!

There is a saying “necessity is the mother of Invention,” I believe that to be a true saying. Out of necessity around marketing my book, I became involved in social media and my life began to touch people that I personally may never have had the opportunity to reach. I’m thankful to God for social media especially since the Church has embraced it for evangelism, teaching and sharing the Christian faith. Also, it can be a lot of fun reconnecting with long lost friends.

Most recently I’ve discovered apps, widgets and plugins! It’s exciting to be transparent and relevant (especially at my age). I’m having the time of my life!

Since I discovered WordPress and updated all of our sites I want to be more consistent with posting to my blogs. If you’re an author, speaker, minister or someone who needs a social media platform but have been reluctant to get connected in social media don’t procrastinate, get involved today it’s worth it.

Here are some tips about how to get started:

1) Join Facebook – Facebook is where I have been able to connect with most of my family, friends, and others with the same types of interest. You can post photos, videos and join groups.

2) Join Twitter – on Twitter I have been able to connect with so many interesting people that it is amazing to me the conversations that take place there when you can only use 140 characters per post.

3) Join LinkedIn – LinkedIn is primary for business connections although it seems to be evolving. There are groups on LinkedIn and the ability to have your blog posted directly to LinkedIn. I have been able to connect with many of my colleagues from my previous days in the corporate trust industry.

While some may be reluctant to embrace social media for me it is an activity that I enjoy and look forward to participating in more in the future.

Question: Are you involved in social media? When did you first become involved in social media? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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