Dr. Teresita Glasgow coaches professional women to soar past their fears, free up their time, rediscover their dreams, and reignite their passion to live the life they’ve always dreamed of at Destiny Dreamer Coaching. 

So, what is a coach?

First, it’s important to know what coach is not:

A coach is not a counselor; a counselor focuses more on the past and requires special training.

A coach is not a trainer; trainers teach “how to” do something.

A coach is not a mentor; mentors have been there and done that! They are experts who share their knowledge with a mentee.

Many people use the terms counselor, trainer, mentor interchangeably but that is not correct, these are different disciplines and require different knowledge, training, and experience.


Based on the definition taken from: Gary R. Collins, book, “Christian Coaching: Helping Others Turn Potential into Reality” Coaching is a positive, future-oriented form of psychology which focuses on finding fulfillment, enhanced performance, team building, vision casting, career growth, and reaching one’s goals and dreams.

Coaching enables people to set and reach goals while focusing on the present and the future, possibilities, getting unstuck and turning dreams into realities. In coaching sessions, the coach and the client are coequals who work together to bring about change. The best coaching is typically done with people who have training in coaching skills, such as listening, asking powerful questions, and encouraging.


Coaching Services                                 

Group7Group Coaching


One-on-One Coaching

Who needs a coach? Everyone!

A coach can help anyone who is:

  • Stuck and not living up to their potential
  • Need help building their vision
  • Need help working through their goals
  • Need help and accountability with personal development
  • Need help and accountability planning for the future


Coaches differ in training and in the quality of the services they offer.

I am a lifelong learner

After years of getting highly specialized training myself, I decided that I was far too blessed not to share with others the skills that I had learned. I began to train and mentor, I also coached but I knew there was more to it!

I wanted to add a coach certification to my other credentials and experience. I wanted the best coach certification available! I found it in Dream Releaser Coaching. Dream Releaser Coaching, founded by Dr. Brenda and Dr. Sam Chand was exactly what I envisioned. These two leaders to leaders are visionaries extraordinaire. As an executive leader, that was important to me.

Coaching from a Christian perspective was also important to me and that is a foundational truth of Dream Releaser Coaching but they also include understanding how to coach non-Christian clients. Helping others no matter who they are is important to me. I am excited and blessed to be a certified Dream Releaser Coach. Coaching when done right is priceless.



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