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Teresita Glasgow, Co-Author of Resilience Living Life By Design and author of Destiny Seven Steps to Finding & Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life, will autograph her chapter in the book!




Founder of A Woman’s Business and contributing writer to the Heart of a Woman weekly blog designed to inspire and challenge us to live in the fullness of our purpose, power and position as women, Angela M. Brown is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, auntie, friend, mentor, PR executive, talk show host and community leader.

Angela M. Brown

Helping others is a part of the DNA of Angeline Lawrence. A 20 year seasoned urban planner, she exudes a passion for helping residents and developers rebuild Detroit, realizing more had to be done

Angeline Lawrence

Denise inspires you to open your mind, to awaken to your self-empowerment, to recognize you are more than enough in accomplishing anything you choose and most of all to live her signature mantra, "Expect the best in your life!"  

Denise Hanney

Diane Blake is an attorney, author and speaker in New York City. Her passion is leading women to break self-imposed rules with style, confidence, wisdom and grace while rebounding from a setback. She believes confidence is not how others see you but how you see yourself

Diane Blake

Fayola is an author, speaker, life and business coach and a radio host. She has faced various adversities in life. However, by being resilient she has been able to bounce back and even better in reaching her authentic goals and dreams. She is on a mission after finding her voice and purpose to help others do the same. It is all about LIVING LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS!!

Fayola Delica

Glenda is a Transition's Strategist, Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Consultant and Speaker. Utilizing her experiences as an Army “Brat,” former Army Captain and current Army spouse, she helps women take command of their lives to command the life they desire.

Glenda O. Cook

Gwen Webber-Mcleod is a frequently sought after speaker on the topic of leadership. She travels across the country delivering keynote addresses and speeches at conferences and events. In addition, she is engaged to serve as a professional emcee and leader of ceremonies at numerous event annually. Gwen, Inc. is a NYS certified MWBE.

Gwen Webber-McLeod

Kim is a leader who can withstand the pressure that comes with setting high expectations for herself and her family. She is a two-year breast cancer survivor with the will and expectation to win. With a passion for inspiring and motivating women and youth girls to live above mediocrity, she believes the same principles that produce performance success in the business world also applies to the personal performance in youth.

Kim Cheatham

Mabel Jones-Hansford, “MJ”, is a certified career transformational coach, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur providing clients with educational tools to make their careers and lives thrive by teaching how to be their own agent of change.

Mabel Jones-Hansford

Mellanie Kai Lassiter is a renaissance relationship manager skilled in linking people in need with people who care. Her success in building relationships, program development, and working and communicating effectively with media, and corporate and civic leaders has positioned her as a leader in corporate social responsibility; and her propensity for personally investing in individuals has made her a true champion of people, who is driven by purpose and not position.

Melanie Lassiter

Teresita Glasgow is intellectual, disciplined and systematic, a relentless standard bearer and an admired leader with an Impressive track record. A speaker, author, minister and coach, Teresita is the president and CEO of In His Season, Inc

Teresita Glasgow

Valeria Robinson-Baker has over two decades of expertise in pharmacy administration/management and hospital pharmacy practice. A recipient of numerous awards, Valeria is a mover and shaker in her community and plays an active role in her many volunteer activities, serving as President of the Orlando (FL) Chapter of The Links, Inc. (2015-2017), her 1999 appointed role on the Governor’s Advisory Board on Diabetes for a three-year term under Governor Jeb Bush as well as serving on the boards of Hebni Nutrition Consultants, Inc. (1999-2009) and the Girls and Boys Clubs of Central Florida (2005-2010). She is leader by example.

Valeria Robinson-Baker


Barbara Corcoran

Resilience: Living Life by Design demonstrates how female leaders can boost their self, esteem, bolster their self-confidence, and defy adversity against all odds.

Barbara Corcoran Real Estate Mogul, Business Expert and Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank
Blondell Reynolds Brown

Through Resilience we learn to embrace every day as the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be authentically triumphantly alive.

Blondell Reynolds Brown Philadelphia City Councilwoman at-large
Marshawn Evans Daniels

Resilience does a wonderful job of using everyday stories to help everyday women live extraordinary lives God intends that we live life by divine design. This book shows you how. Don’t just read it… devour it… and make sure you share it!

Marshawn Evans Daniels Reinvention Strategist and Godfidence Coach (, TV Personality from the Apprentice and Miss America Finalists
Marcia Reynolds, Psy.D.

What makes one woman give into failure and another rise up and succeed against the odds? The stories of 12 women in Resilience Living Life by Design teach how to use purpose, courage, and faith to find your way as a leader, entrepreneur, and life traveler. I will keep it close to me to grab whatever I need to ignite my heart.

Marcia Reynolds, Psy.D. Author of Wander woman and the Disc comfort Zone

DR. DEANA MURPHY (The Visionary Behind "Resilience")

Dr. Deana is a take charge businesswoman, Christian minister, media personality, guest lecturer, and award winning best-selling author. Her research has received attention from the 700 Club, O Magazine, Fine Living HGTV, Huffington Post, Panache Publication, Meredith Books, Exceptional People Magazine and a variety of radio programs and podcast.

Dr. Deana Murphy

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