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A short time ago I was contacted by one of my mentors, Pam Perry regarding her new program, Branding Superstar University.

Pam Perry has shown countless people how to benefit from PR and branding, she is  generous with her knowledge and gives advice to authors, internet marketers, ministers, speakers and others, her wealth of knowledge and list of clients is impressive so when I was asked to write a guest post for her blog and to participate in a teleclass call for her new program, I realized the tremendous amount of growth in my life! I remember how little I knew when Pam began coaching me and now to be able to assist her by giving my testimony on her Branding Superstar University teleclass was an honor. Thanks Pam for being such an excellent coach! As I begin my coaching program, I’m glad to have learned branding from one of the best Winking smile 

Click Here to read my guest post “How to Brand on a Budget” on Pam’s blog and learn more about Pam’s Branding Superstar University.

Click Here to hear my radio interview of Pam Perry in 2011 (Good Information!) Share it, Pin it, Tweet it, Like it!

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