“Ms. Glasgow is a very interesting speaker, she was very informative. I learned a lot from her session today. She left me feeling as though I can complete my purpose knowing that I can fulfill my dream and desires of being a writer.  Joyce McGregor, Tampa, FL.”


Presentation Time!

“Thank you so much for sharing, I loved every moment! Of everything that you said, this has stuck with me “We walk around like we are humans, but we are spirits.” You refer to your book as little but there’s nothing small about it. It is a power packed book. I completed reading the book in one day and I have been inspired to begin writing my book, my life will never be the same. Cassandra Reid, Tampa, FL.”


The Ladies at Long Boat Key Weekend Event

“Wow, Destiny… is short, sweet and powerful, your presentation as well as your very presence was powerful. The presentation was beautiful! Tina Minnifield, Tampa,FL.”


“This is a very useful book with a positive message. The fact that you include specific Scripture verses and a recommended reading list at the end of each chapter, as well as a quiz for readers to take provides practical materials and tools that enrich the study of the subject. The story about your personal struggles and about how you overcame them is very inspiring. This gives me encouragement and strength to face my own obstacles. Lincoln, NE”


 ”You have done a wonderful job laying the foundation for a huge topic. It will be useful to many people who, although they know their purpose, have no idea what to do to begin to fulfill it.  Detroit, MI “


Spa Weekend & Presentation

“The presentation was excellent! You kept me engaged as well as entertained. You shared information that was timely and every woman there seemed to be blessed by the information that you shared. Now that we each have a copy of Destiny…we are ready to go and do what God has called us to do. You are an inspiration to the Body of Christ. ~ Shirley Bailey, Tampa, Fl”


Teresita, This is one of the most intriguing books of inspiration that I have had the privilege of reading in a long time. It’s very reader friendly and makes sense of daily routines. Gives suggestions on how to make your life a simple and care free life  by just doing the right things in each and every aspect of life. We take for granted so many times of things that we assume will take care of themselves, when actually, it’s a higher being that contributes to the magic.


This book needs to be made mandatory for all senior year graduates in high school and college to read before graduation. This will prepare and enhance their direction on their journey in this thing called “Life.”  Sherrie White, Atlanta, GA



Coaching and Advice

    “Teresita Glasgow gives the word “author” a whole new meaning. Not only has she written a great book (Destiny: Seven Steps to Finding & Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life), but she inspires readers to take bold steps toward their God-given destiny. Yet, she does not stop there. She confirms her insights in Destiny by providing a great platform where success stories can be shared via blog radio. God’s Word teaches we should seek the counsel of advisers in order to succeed (Proverbs 15:22) — Ms. Glasgow was definitely on my list of those to speak with concerning authorship. Upon meeting, she was eager to share her knowledge and expertise. She provided practical tips that I was able to implement right away. Her personality makes you feel as if you have already reached your destiny. Get close enough and she’ll definitely rub off on you!”   —J. Cecil Anderson, Holy Child Publications www.holychildbooks.com  




“Terry was instrumental in helping me launch my publishing company a few years ago. She allowed me to tap into her knowledge and experience, which allowed me to get started quickly and easily.”   Amos Johnson Jr, PhD www.amosjohnsonjr.com  


Greetings Ms. Glasgow, After seeing your online radio show and the book publishing work that you have done so far I became intrigued to know how you were accomplishing so much. From the first conversation that we had in passing in a church hallway I knew you were definitely someone that had learned the ropes on how to self-publish. Most of the questions that I had for you were either answered from your personal experience or qualified research. So many times individuals trying to break into publishing become entangled with large companies and legal woes because they really didn’t understand the agreement that they signed. Learning how to decipher which route is best can sometimes be overwhelming. Your advice can really save those trying to break into publishing.

Onesimus Williams